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The Silver Lining is a deep dive into the macroeconomic conditions in the United States in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the opportunity that lies in entrepreneurship and innovation.

“American innovation has and will continue to be a bright spot. We have amazing tools at our disposal, and an entrepreneurial spirit that is bar none. We have a once in a lifetime chance to build a new future.”

The Case for Texas is an exploration of the changing dynamics of energy, technology and innovation and massive changes to the economy expected here in the Lone Star State.

“The Texas economy is strong and growing – the second largest in the United States, tenth largest in the world, with people (and talent) flooding in.  Oil and gas accounts for a whopping 30% of the Texas economy, and disruptive technologies are on the rise.”

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In just the past 5 years, whole industries such as energy, retail, manufacturing and financial services have been eclipsed by the massive “Data Brokers.”   Companies such as Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google (often referred to as the FAANG stocks) are front-running the inevitable future of a fully digitized life.

DATA is the new Electricity

Data has become the most valuable resource on the planet, connecting and informing humanity in unprecedented ways.

This interconnection is changing the knowledge landscape, replacing traditional business models with disintermediated and decentralized ones.

Opportunities for innovation are more ubiquitous than ever, but the concentration of capital on the coasts has created a funding vacuum in innovation investing.

Innovators Leading
Transformative Change

We partner with innovators who are creating systemic, network-enabled business value, and, who are on the verge of massive scale, regardless of industry or geography.

By focusing on early stage investments, we maximize the impact of our operational expertise, and help our partner companies implement the efficient use of people, processes, and technology.

We invest in companies leveraging network enablement to drive disruption and promote adoption, and, that focus where opportunities exist to capture adjacent markets.

   We believe startups are in two fundamental states:  Dying or Growing to Death.  The very act of value creation is an iterative process focused on finding business opportunities through innovation and market dynamics. Ecliptic identifies investment opportunities that are on the brink of success and poised for scale. It is at this point that the investment is least risky and is well-time for a capital infusion to fuel business growth.


We create unique investment optionality for large-scale endowments, foundations, private equity, sector focused capital managers and high net worth individuals to selectively participate in co-investment opportunities through-out our entrepreneurial capital process.    The GPs are life-long Texas entrepreneurs and know first-hand how fast innovation is expanding, and, where the true opportunities are hiding.

Radical Transparency
Leads to Better Returns

Transparency is key to the democratizing venture investing, and unlocking the value from our Investors, beyond just their capital.

Ecliptic’s partners bring decades of serial entrepreneurship (multiple exits), deep CxO connections at thousands of corporate enterprises, and Wall Street fund management experience.

We enable deep connections with a wide array of eco-system partners (e.g. Universities, Accelerators, Venture Studios, Co-working Facilities, Incubators, VCs, Private Equity, Consulting Firms, Investment Banks, etc.) to mature investing in the new digital economy.

We use a resourceful blend of machine learning, automation, and human judgement to select for the most transformative companies in which to pursue. Our fund deploys capital initially in the $50k-$250k pre-seed range, then again by leading priced rounds in the $250k-$5M range, and then lastly by orchestrating investor-led rounds in the $10-50M range.


Our investors get the unique optionality to co-invest in Ecliptic portfolio companies to satisfy their specific themes and theses. They can cherry-pick targeted deals that are “perfect fits” while creating the optionality to deploy significantly larger capital in later rounds.  Our model sharpens a strategy seemingly forgotten in current venture investing: We’ve created a scalable VC platform to “go strategically deep” (the traditional mechanism of value creation) by targeting startups that are on the verge of commercialization and staying connected with them as they scale.



Mike has over 30 years of experience as a successful serial entrepreneur and startup investor with multiple exits. His most recent exit was to Accenture in 2015.

Mike W. Erwin
Founder, General Partner,

Chief Investment Officer


Whurley is a former Managing Director at Goldman Sachs, a 2018 Eisenhower Fellow, and an IBM Master Inventor. His most recent exit was to Goldman in 2016.


and General Partner


Adam is a former Operations Director at Genentech & Roche, has held COO/CEO positions at multiple startups, and sits on several corporate advisory boards.

Adam Lipman

and Managing Partner


Mike is a former CIO at Fortune 100 companies including Aflac, AllState, and Robertson Stephens. Mike also has experience as a startup Founder and CEO.

Mike Boyle
Managing Partner

Mike has extensive experience in corporate strategy at HP & Dell and was the Director of Research for Austin Ventures and did IP & Patent Licensing at AT&T.

Mike Millard
Operating Partner