Our current portfolio focuses on under-appreciated opportunities in breakthrough technologies as diverse as applied materials for next-generation batteries, fire suppression, concrete additives & thermal insulation. We also have invested in next-generation music platforms, medical devices, cloud-based printed circuit board design & prototyping, digital asset custody, drone detection, and cybersecurity. Each portfolio company leverages technology to maximize scale, efficiency, and operations while fueling significant market adjacencies.

Nano Shield

Materials science innovator in the passive fireproofing market.

Unchained Capital

Next-gen custody and clearing for financial services & digital assets.

Surge Power Materials

Materials science advances in graphene, a carbon nano-material.


Applying behavioral and data science to improve communication.


Share the music you love.                                


Rapid prototyping online platform for circuit board design.


Industrial sensor platform for drone detection and mitigation.


Humanizing quantum computing by creating a developer ecosystem.


Growing sustainability by reducing waste.


Next-gen real time bio-medical vitals monitoring and triage.

Threat Warrior

Cyber Immune Response: Cybersecurity Inspired by Biology.


We believe in a future that is free of counterfeiting and fraud.


Agent-based modeling platform solving the world’s most complex problems.

Lazarus 3D

Novel proprietary soft 3D printing process for surgery training.                 

Koda Health

Platform for planning your medical care in advance.                                                                 

Blink Identity

Privacy-focused access control system.                                                                 

Sourced Craft Cocktails

Spirits industry disruptor. Premium experiences, and novel insights.